About Us

Vulcan Squad began as a partnership with Vulcan Construction Group, and an effort to offer high-quality construction services for emerging cannabis businesses. Today, Vulcan Squad works with partnering businesses around the country, building and outfitting some of the best cannabis cultivators, most high-earning dispensaries, and most reputable names in the industry.

With more than a decade of experience, Vulcan Squad has been perfecting our method, constantly evolving and improving how we approach each project. Vulcan Squad can support your business from the initial design process and equipment selection, through construction, and up to opening day.

Why Choose Vulcan Squad?

When you work with Vulcan Squad, you get the support of our highly experienced and dedicated team, plus so much more. Vulcan Squad isn’t just a regular contractor– we always focus on seeing things from your perspective, and use both our knowledge of the needs of the cannabis industry and our custom, flexible design techniques to create fully optimized solutions that suit the needs of your unique business.

Our Services

Enjoy a comprehensive, top-to-bottom design and build experience when you work with Vulcan Squad.

Inspection Services

No matter the size, scope, or layout of your facility, Vulcan Squad can quickly inspect and assess the space to give you an accurate estimate of cost, construction time, and equipment needs. Using Matterport 3D rendering technology with 99% accuracy, we make inspections fast and efficient, saving you time and money.

Vertical Cultivation Design & Installation

Maximize usable grow space using vertical cultivation tools like racking systems and adjustable tables. Vulcan Squad can help to design the most efficient layout for your space and match you with the right solution for your needs.


Make nutrient delivery more efficient and more accurate with an automated fertigation system. Take nutrient measuring, mixing, and distribution off your plate– you’ll save time and resources, and you can trust that your plants are always receiving perfectly proportioned nutrients.