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Botanicare bench installation at Euflora

We recently installed Botanicare® Slide Bench System at Euflora’s cannabis greenhouses in Denver, CO, in both their flowering and vegetative rooms. This system is designed to maximize yield and space, improve plant access, and facilitate the use of trellis for better plant management. As an advanced greenhouse solution, the Botanicare® Slide Bench System shows Euflora’s commitment to innovation and efficiency in its operations.

One of the primary benefits of the Botanicare® Slide Bench System is its ability to maximize yield and space within the greenhouse. This innovative system features rolling benches that can be easily maneuvered to optimize space utilization, allowing Euflora to cultivate a higher volume of plants within the same square footage. By optimizing space usage, the Slide Bench System not only increases overall production capacity but also reduces the costs associated with maintaining a larger facility.

In addition to optimizing space, the Botanicare® Slide Bench System significantly improves plant access for growers. The sliding benches can be easily moved to create wide walkways, providing ample room for workers to move throughout the facility and tend to the plants with ease. This increased accessibility leads to more efficient cultivation practices, ultimately resulting in healthier plants and higher yields. Moreover, this enhanced plant access also contributes to improved worker safety by reducing the risk of accidents associated with navigating crowded growing spaces.

The integration of the trellis into the Botanicare® Slide Bench System is another key feature that contributes to its effectiveness. Utilizing trellis systems provides essential support for cannabis plants as they grow, ensuring proper airflow and light penetration while minimizing the risk of damage due to overcrowding. The Slide Bench System incorporates trellis mounting options that allow for seamless integration into the overall greenhouse setup, ensuring optimal plant support without sacrificing mobility or space efficiency. The successful installation of the Botanicare® Slide Bench System at Euflora’s cannabis greenhouse in Denver exemplifies the company’s dedication to employing advanced technology and efficient cultivation practices.

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