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Build out of KLONE

HVAC, Irrigation, Fertigation, Tables/Racks, Lighting, Walls, Floors & more

Klone, a wholesale genetics company, required a top-notch facility to cater to the growing demands of the Colorado commercial and recreational cannabis market. We worked with the KLONE team to meet the many needs of their facility. The result was a facility creating and pushing out high-end, researched genetics to Colorado’s cultivators and dispensaries. This project started with the construction of front offices, bathrooms and employee break and change rooms. Once the floor and walls were completed, rooms dedicated to specifid cultivation were designed and constructed. Each room required different lighting, HVAC, airflow, irrigation and fertigation needs. Last was a storage and staging site for all the nutrients and irrigation needs. We’ll go into some of the different grow rooms this feature, highlighting the needs Vulcan Squad met.

Project Highlights

  • 12ft Ceilings, ideal for vertical cultivation
  • Grow Rooms – 3 x 800 SQ/FT
  • 3 R&D Rooms for Genetics Development
  • Staff Break Room w/ Amenities
  • Clean Room for Tissue Culture
  • Changing Room for Staff & Visitors
  • Front Reception w/ Secure Entrance
  • Compliant Security w/ Offsite Storage
  • Storage Area w/ Shelving
  • Clone Room w/ Specific Propagation Environment
  • Compliant Electrical & HVAC
  • HVAC and Airflow by Quest & Patterson
  • Fertigation with Dosatron
  • Irrigation with DAB
  • Lighting, both LED and HID

KLONE Mother Room

The mother room at KLONE features vertical racking from PIPP Horticulture that allows them to take advantage of all available space in this room with 12ft ceilings. Controlled LED lighting in this room allows the mother plants to thrive on two levels. Pest management is a very important aspect of KLONE’s cultivation, allowing them to provide healthy plants to customers. To ensure a proper plant environment Quest dehumidifiers were used along with fans for air movement.

KLONE Clone Room

Maintaining the health and vitality of newly cut clones necessitates a carefully controlled environment that takes into account several crucial factors. Airflow, for instance, plays a significant role in ensuring the well-being of these delicate plant cuttings; providing consistent and gentle circulation helps to prevent undesirable issues such as mold growth and stagnant air. Additionally, maintaining an optimal balance of CO2 within the space is essential for promoting robust photosynthesis, ultimately contributing to the successful development of these clones. Humidity, too, must be closely monitored, as excessively high or low levels can lead to undue stress on the plants and impede their growth. Vulcan Squad took all these issues into account when building out the Clone Room in KLONE’s facility.

KLONE R&D and Flower Rooms

KLONE strives to create new and exciting genetics. This requires a lot of trial and error. Vulcan Squad knew this required some specialized rooms. Several Research and Development rooms were constructed that would allow KLONE to cross strains. These rooms used Vertical Racking to maximize the space. Along with these rooms, KLONE needed to flower out the new strains for testing. Flower rooms with HID lights and adjustable tables allowed KLONE to grow out, test, and decide which strains they would move to market.

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