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Vulcan Squad combines expertise and experience to construct and develop facilities that will stand the test of time and deliver consistently high-quality results. With the help of our trusted industry partners and the latest technology, we produce comprehensive designs that perform efficiently and flow comfortably. Our facilities are designed with longevity in mind, using top-quality materials and finishes.

Our partners are industry-leading designers and manufacturers of cultivation technologies like environmental control systems, integrated fertigation tools, and more. The Vulcan Squad design process includes product recommendations and the installation of top-of-the-line systems for cost savings, improved efficiency and product quality, and valuable insights for the future.

Cultivation Construction

Vulcan Squad offers construction services for both indoor and outdoor cultivation projects.

Resource accessibility and lower cost are the key advantages of outdoor cultivation. Indoor grows require artificially simulating the sun, rain, and nutrients found in healthy soil. Your cannabis plants can benefit from abundant sunlight, rainwater, and the power of nature outdoors. It’s important to remember that, despite how simple outdoor cultivation may seem, it requires a great deal of preparation.

The ability to create the ideal growing environment, and protect against pests and pathogens are the key advantages of indoor cultivation. Growers have the power to choose exactly how much light, humidity, and heat their plants receive, and eliminate the risk of unexpected weather.

Dispensary Construction

With Vulcan Squad, clients can create immersive experiences using trusted products and tools, while meeting important local compliance guidelines.

The number of cannabis businesses is growing, and it is more important than ever to make your dispensary stand out. From design to build, Vulcan Squad can guide you through the process to achieve the best, most efficient, most effective outcome.

We are also familiar with the compliance standards for every area we service, so we can help you get started on the right foot. Our goal is to help clients design immersive experiences, choose the best tools and products and make sure every dispensary meets local compliance requirements.

For more than a decade, the Vulcan Squad team has been designing, building, and renovating cannabis facilities for top cultivators, perfecting our methods, and developing innovative ways to increase growth.