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At Vulcan Squad, we combine our expertise and experience to construct and develop facilities that will stand the test of time and provide consistently high-quality products. Aided by the latest technology, we create down-to-earth finishes that perform beautifully and design facilities that flow efficiently and comfortably. We use top-of-the-line materials and finishes to ensure long-lasting beauty and utility, and design all of our facilities with your comfort in mind. For your comfort and to ensure a safe growing environment, we design your systems with an HVAC certification and climate control capabilities.

Types of Facilities

We specialize in designing and improving cultivation facilities to enhance crop yield, productivity, safety, comfort, and so on. Some of the types of facilities we have designed or built in the past include:

Indoor Cultivation Facilities

Indoor cultivation facilities must be strictly monitored year-round for climate and environmental stability. A slight deviation in the proper moisture, light, or temperature could result in catastrophic crop loss, which is why most modern cultivators are turning to automated methods of irrigation, lighting, etc. To produce the perfect cultivation facility requires an intimate understanding of complicated factors like airflow and ventilation, and can go horribly wrong when not done by a professional.

When designed by an experienced professional, indoor cultivation facilities can become the ideal environment for growing cannabis. Cultivators can carefully monitor and protect their crops, avoiding problems like inclement weather or pests, plus indoor cultivation typically produces a higher yield than outdoor growing. Indoor cultivation can be achieved in virtually any space, but we specialize in transforming warehouses and other large facilities to create the ultimate indoor grow set-up.

Vertical Cultivation

Cultivation indoors is an expensive endeavor, between real estate costs, energy and utility bills, special equipment, labor costs, and so on. The benefit of growing indoors, of course, is the ability to control the growing environment, reducing the risk of crop loss due to drought, pests, or poor sun exposure. To make the most of these ideal conditions, many growers are turning to vertical grow room designs to maximize space and increase yield capacity.

In most traditional grow rooms, crop yield is dependent on floor space. Vertical growing allows growers to maximize space, sometimes increasing their yield by as much as 3x. Vertical grow room design utilizes racking systems and wall-mounted systems, which allow all plants to receive adequate lighting and excellent airflow.

Hybrid Facilities

Looking for the best of both worlds with outdoor and indoor growing? We can help with that, too! Your vision is our blueprint, so if you can dream it up, we can make it happen. In the past, we have created incredible hybrid facilities that combine the best of growing indoors with the natural powers of nature. Greenhouses are a particularly popular option for hybrid growers since they offer you the chance to utilize natural sunlight and warmth while still allowing for the protection of an enclosed structure.

Why Choose Us?

Our values are what drive our mission, and our passion for transforming our clients’ businesses is what keeps us on the right track. We are a team of highly experienced professionals with years of experience designing, improving, and working in some of the most exciting and innovative cultivation facilities in the country. Now, we want to help small and rising growers to achieve their dreams by sharing the knowledge and expertise we’ve gathered along the way.

When you choose Vulcan Squad, you choose a partnership. We know that trust is earned and built, and work hard to cultivate close, trusting relationships with all of our clients. We believe that we must all find our true selves to reach our true potential, and we help each other find that. Our success is built upon teamwork, which makes us more powerful than we could be alone.

To top things off, Vulcan always makes design and construction as affordable as possible without cutting corners. Since we plan every detail out before we begin the project, we eliminate the risk of overspending on the design and construction. We help growers and developers build a facility that fits their needs, from cultivation and distribution facilities to hydroponic greenhouses and vertical grow systems.