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Vulcan Squad is a pioneer in the design and construction of cannabis businesses, helping new and expanding businesses create unique retail environments to showcase their products. We ensure that each dispensary meets local compliance guidelines by using the best and most trusted tools and products.

As cannabis businesses proliferate, it is more important than ever to stand out and construct your dispensary to be noticed. From start to finish, Vulcan Squad can guide the process to ensure the best, most efficient, and most effective finished product.

Thoughtful Layout & Planning

From legal matters to seemingly simple decisions like choosing the right finishes, dispensary construction is complex. Not only must everything be carefully selected for its practical performance but also for its potential to influence the customer experience. Vulcan Squad can help to design your dispensary from top to bottom, starting with the basic layout and following you until your doors finally open to customers. 

  • Location: Consult Vulcan Squad’s team to find the right space for your dispensary.
  • Construction: We’ll take care of everything from flooring and installations to helping you find the right equipment.
  • Security: Design your dispensary to be safe and secure from the beginning—include security features like cameras, shatterproof glass, and secure vaults.

Experience & Expertise

Our purposeful, practical, and efficient construction strategies developed over years of industry experience have helped top dispensaries become successful. For many, the initial design and construction are the most challenging and mysterious parts of designing, building, opening, and running a dispensary.

By working with an experienced contractor like Vulcan Squad, you can avoid the common mistakes new dispensaries make due to their inexperience. Together, we can create lasting success for you and your cannabis business.


Why Dispensary Design Matters

To execute a sophisticated dispensary interior and provide your customers with a high-quality shopping experience, collaborate with Vulcan for the interior space of your dreams. Here, we’re sharing insight as to how you can make your dispensary stand out while creating a pleasant shopping experience for your customer base.
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