Metal Framing

At Vulcan Squad, our team of experts chooses to install metal frames for dispensaries and cultivation facilities because of their cost-effectiveness, reliability, functionality, and innovation. If you are still considering which type of framing is right for your next build, let us help you determine why metal framing works.


Metal framing can be designed to be hollow, making it lighter than wood framing and more manageable. Better still, metal is strong enough to hold a building together with just a stud and track, reducing the amount of material you need to create a stable structure.

Never Warp

Far less likely to bend or warp. Metal frames are not affected by harsh environmental conditions like high humidity, moisture, or heat. This is especially beneficial in cultivation facilities, where high humidity and moisture are key for healthy plant growth.

Bugs/Fire/Natural Disaster Protection

Metal, which is fortified for extra strength and manufactured for durability, cannot be eaten or infested by insects, cannot be burned by fires, and is far more resistant to high winds or natural disasters.