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Why Choose Vulcan Squad?

A Colorado Based construction company, Vulcan Squad has worked on countless projects with restaurants across the country. We work with independent restaurant owners and franchises, with some of our most well-known clients including Church’s Chicken in Colorado.

Whether you’re seeking rebuild or remodeling services, or are building from the ground up, Vulcan Squad can lead the way from start to finish.

Our team of experts have more than 20 years of experience working in every area of construction. Dedicated to professionalism and quality, Vulcan Squad excells at communications and collaboration with our clients and our network of trusted partners to create an efficient and safe construction environment.

Beyond our practical knowledge and experience in construction, Vulcan Squad can help you to develop successful project management strategies. We use sophisticated project tracking software to develop a detailed timeline, and are well acquainted with local and federal regulations to ensure your build meets industry standards.

Types of Restaurant Construction Projects

Vulcan Squad offers a variety of construction services, and can work with you to create a custom plan for your unique needs. In general, our projects fall into one of these three categories.


Need to update your restaurant or a new location? Vulcan Squad can help bring your restaurant up to code, refine layout and and design, and make aesthetic and practical changes to create a more inviting environment for staff and customers.

New Builds

Starting from scratch? Vulcan Squad can help to coordinate and organize your new build, create a realistic and achievable timeline, and work with you to create the restaurant of your dreams. With extensive knowledge of local and federal regulations, Vulcan Squad construction projects are always designed with safety in mind.


Update a restaurant to meet franchise standards, make unifying updates to multiple locations, or work with Vulcan Squad to build new locations of your franchise.

Construction Focus

Among the variety of construction services Vulcan Squad specializes in, we understand the importance of these key elements for restaurant design.


Heating, cooling, and air circulation help to create a comfortable and save environment.


Choose custom flooring options like non-slip, easy-clean, or other finishes for safety in the kitchen and dining room.


Vulcan Squad designs kitchens to our clients’ specifications, and with health and safety regulations in mind.

Dining Room

Strategic design alots adequate space without sacrificing kitchen or workspace, easy to clean and durable materials, plus ambient lighting and comfortable finishes.