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Whether you’re starting from scratch, rebuilding, or remodeling, we are happy to work with you. We can lead the way from start to finish or follow your lead. Our Colorado-based construction experts have more than 20 years of experience working in every area of construction.

Types of Retail Construction Projects

Vulcan Squad offers a variety of construction services and can work with you to create a custom plan for your unique needs. Here are just a few of our areas of expertise.

Retail Design

Ready to build the retail operation of your dreams? We can help you build from the ground up.

Interior Build Outs

What good is a beautiful building if the inside isn’t functional? We can complete your interior, including installing flooring, ceilings, lighting, HVAC, and other systems.

Open and Closed Store Remodeling

If your store needs a facelift, we’re the crew to call. We can work with you out of the building– or if you want to stay open, we can work around you.

Capital Improvements

Let us expand the life of your retail facility. Invest in your property properly by letting us make your capital improvements.


If you want to expand your business and roll out more retail operations, we can help. Our experience with restaurant franchises has given us excellent experience with keeping design specifications consistent and ensuring consistency across locations.

Fixture Installation

Is it time for new HVAC or lighting? Our expert team can help with every step of the process.

Site Services

If your lot isn’t ready for construction, give us a call. We can help with site preparation, excavation, grading, utilities, and landscaping.


Does your retail business need a refresh? From new fixtures and finishes to a remodel that brings your storefront in line with your new branding, we can help.


Vulcan Squad can help to coordinate and organize a build that ensures that your shop’s storefront looks great for years to come.

Turnkey Construction

Prefer a hands-off approach? You provide the site and approval and we’ll take care of the rest. Our team will design, build, and deliver a completely operational retail space that perfectly meets your needs.


The environment is important to us, and we hope it is to you as well. We are experts in LEED and sustainable construction and would be happy to help you create a more environmentally friendly retail space.

We are not limited to these types of construction. If your retail construction project encompasses tenant improvements, expansion, adaptive reuse, or even pop-up stores, we can help. Contact us to see what we can do for your retail operation.

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