At Vulcan Squad, we specialize in building state-of-the-art Grow Facilities and installing industry leading solutions. Our Team of Cultivation Experts works with some of the industry’s most knowledgeable vendors and growers to create high-end custom cultivation facilities. Let us build your next Cultivation Facility with a future-proof construction.

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Cultivation Construction

Despensary & Retail Construction

Irrigation & Fertigation

Tables & Racking

HVAC & Air Flow

Electrical & Control Systems

Metal Framing & Fast Flooring

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710 Labs
Cultivation Facility Design & Construction

→ Flower Rooms
→ Veg Rooms
→ Clone Rooms
→ Cure Rooms
→ Office & More

→ Full Services Construction
→ HVAC & Airflow
→ Irrigation & Fertigation
→ Metal Framing & Drywall
→ Vertical Cultivation
→ Lighting
→ Flooring
→ Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic

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