Vulcan Squad recently wrapped up an installation project in Boulder, CO with our good friends at Great Ascent Botanicals. Leveraging our cultivation space expertise, we implemented an array of cutting-edge solutions to enhance their production capabilities and optimize costs. This included the installation of upgraded flooring, Fiber Reinforced Plastic walls, advanced insulation, high-performance dehumidifiers, and innovative moving tables. Our objective was to enhance the already outstanding quality of their cannabis products while maximizing operational efficiency.

About Great Ascent Botanicals

Great Ascent Botanicals is a Colorado Cultivator committed to cultivating top-notch flowers by utilizing their passion for the plant and employing innovative cultivation methods, resulting in high-quality Colorado flower. They acquire and create superior genetic strains and nurture the plants with the objective of producing premium-grade cannabis. Visit and the Great Ascent Instagram page.

Installations from Vulcan Squad

Botanicare Adjustable Bench Install

Botanicare adjustable benches are the feature upgrade for this installation. These benches will allow great output and better quality while lowering costs. Botanicare offers hydroponic and cultivation solutions for indoor and greenhouse growers. Their benches are designed for efficient use of space and optimal plant growth. These benches are built to be durable, withstanding exposure to water, fertilizers, and other elements. They also offer modularity and flexibility, allowing growers to customize their cultivation space. Additionally, the benches have drainage features to prevent waterlogged conditions that could harm plant roots.

Quest Dehumidifier Installation

We installed Quest and Anden dehumidifiers to provide superior humidity control and energy efficiency for this cultivation space. These high-quality dehumidifiers maintain optimal humidity levels, preventing issues like mold growth and crop diseases. Additionally, they are designed to be energy-efficient, reducing operational costs. Both dehumidifiers have high moisture removal capacities, making them ideal for large cultivation rooms, like those at Great Ascent. They are also low maintenance with washable and replaceable filters and operate quietly, which is beneficial in noise-sensitive areas.

Flooring Installation

Grind and Seal Floors with Everclear 350

We first had to grind the concrete floor, then it was ready for Everclear 350. A durable floor coating, like Everclear 350. is essential for cultivation facilities due to the harsh environment, frequent foot traffic, equipment movement, and exposure to moisture. We use this coating to enhance the color of stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, and colored concrete pavers while providing protection against traffic, weather, and other chemicals that cultivation spaces introduce to the flooring. It also offers a clean and sterile environment, reducing the risk of microbial growth. Its chemical resistance ensures a longer lifespan for the flooring material. It provides long-lasting protection and requires minimal maintenance. Slip-resistant floor coatings are important for safety, especially in cultivation areas prone to spills or moisture.

Spoon Cove in 3 Flower Rooms

We used floor coving as a last touch to the flooring. Coving, is a curved section at the base of a wall that transitions between the floor and the wall. In cultivation rooms, it offers benefits like easy cleaning and a seamless surface. Additionally, coving minimizes joints or seams where contaminants can gather, resulting in a smoother and cleaner surface. It is a perfect added feature for a cultivation room.

Wall Installation

Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP)

Walls cannot be overlooked when upgrading a room, along with metal framing we suggest FRP, which we used in this install at Great Ascent. FRP, or fiberglass, is a composite material made of a polymer matrix reinforced with fibers. It offers advantages in cultivation rooms like greenhouses and indoor farming facilities. FRP is resistant to moisture, preventing water damage, mold growth, and material deterioration. It is also chemically resistant, enduring exposure to agricultural chemicals. Additionally, FRP is durable and can withstand physical impact and abrasion in high foot traffic areas. FRP surfaces are easy to clean and maintain. They have good temperature resistance and can be molded into various shapes and sizes for customization, perfect for grow rooms of all sizes.

Wall Installation

Spray Foam Insulation

While installing the FRP, we also used spray foam insulation. Spray foam, made from materials like polyurethane, is used to insulate buildings and improve energy efficiency. However, building codes often require fire protection measures for spray foam insulation. For this, we used DC 315 coating, which enhances the fire resistance of the spray foam, helping it meet code requirements.

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