Vulcan Squad specializes in building state-of-the-art Grow Facilities, Dispensaries, Retail, and more. Using the latest technology in Construction, Lighting, Plumbing, Irrigation, and more. Let us build your next facility with a future-proof design.

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    Cultivation Construction

    Combining our expertise and experience, we construct indoor and outdoor cultivation facilities that deliver high-quality products.

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    We can capture an entire space providing reports and media with an in-depth understanding of dimensions, measurements, and structural details.

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    HVAC & Air Flow

    Advanced HVAC systems with detailed professional installation. Our team will optimize the environment and airflow in your space, creating an optimized climate.

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    Dispensary Construction

    We help create unique retail environments that showcase products, meet regulations, and welcome customers.

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    Tables & Racking

    Maximize growing space and gain easy access to plants for nutrient delivery, hydration, and inspection. Installation options for both indoor/outdoor cultivation spaces.

  • Metal Framing

    Framing & Wall Solutions

    Install the latest Light Gauge Metal Framing, Drywall, FRP, Acoustical Drop-Down Ceilings, and more. Solutions that make a facility last.

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    Irrigation & Fertigation

    Advanced Irrigation and Fertigation systems that eliminate error and increase efficiency. Increase your facility production while also reducing costs in labor and power.

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    Low Voltage & Control Systems

    Low Voltage Control Systems are a necessity in today’s Cultivation Environments, from irrigation to fertigation to lighting.

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    We work with facilities to identify and install the latest in LED technology while also using HID to create the best plant environment.

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With over 12+ years of experience in cultivation construction and project management, we provide our partners and clients with high-end services on time and within budget.

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Vulcan Squad & 710 Labs

At Vulcan Squad, we partner with top-tier companies like the award-winning, multi-state cannabis brand, 710 Labs, to develop premium custom cultivation facilities. Our expert solutions include HVAC, flooring, walls, tables, racks, irrigation, and fertigation for a state-of-the-art facility. In this Case Study we show you around 710 Lab’s new facility in Denver, Colorado.

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