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Tables & Racking

Dynamic and adjustable tables and racking systems help to maximize usable growing space and give growers easy access to their plants for nutrient delivery, hydration, and inspection. See how we can optimize your space with a custom racking system from one of our trusted partners


Squad can capture an entire space at once, with resulting 3D renderings accurate to within 1%. Quickly and accurately predict construction time, costs, and processes for current and prospective clients.


Irrigation systems can be programmed to automatically deliver water to cannabis plants, monitor hydration, and provide important data for maintaining healthy plants and improving future grows. Vulcan Squad also helps to create integrated plumbing and drainage systems to control irrigation at every stage.


Fertigation systems are integrated with automated irrigation systems to deliver precisely measured nutrients directly to plant root systems. Saving growers time and effort, an automated fertigation system can also help to eliminate simple human error, producing better, more profitable crop yields.


Standard HVAC systems aren’t designed to withstand the conditions of a commercial cultivation facility, and cannot keep up with the environmental demands. Cultivation HVAC systems not only control airflow and temperature but also control humidity, filter pests and contaminants, and provide 24/7 monitoring of environmental conditions.


HVAC systems alone can’t give cannabis crops the amount of airflow required for healthy growth, and many cultivation facilities have unique layouts not designed for maximum airflow. Airflow systems help to make airflow consistent throughout the facility, direct air to the most important areas, and direct contaminated air away from the facility.

Why Choose Vulcan Squad

Vulcan Squad specializes in a speedy response to commercial construction projects. We have experience in Tables, Racking, Construction, HVAC, Lighting, Irrigation, Fertigation, Control Systems, and more.

At Vulcan Squad, we believe in the analogy that a happy client is a loyal client. We deliver our projects with quality and within set deadlines. 


HID and LED Light

Electrical Controls

Vertical Cultivation

Advanced Irrigation

Quick Flooring


Life Flower Dispensary
Premium Cannabis Genetics

At Life Flower Dispensary Our Recreational and Medical Cannabis Shop uses only the safest and cleanest organic methods to produce the highest quality products and we are open late to provide customer convenience.

2+ Architects
Premium Cannabis Genetics

2+ Architects is an award-winning Architecture and Interior Design firm located in Coral Gables, Florida. Founding Principals, Edgardo Macchi AIA and Paola Castano Assoc. AIA, collaborate with their team to produce high-quality commercial, mixed-use, retail, and hospitality projects.

Premium Cannabis Genetics

Klone is a wholesale genetics company servicing the colorado recreational market. we provide genetics to both new and existing commercial grow operations.


Who we are

Vulcan Squad started as a partner of Vulcan Construction Group, joining in their goal of building high-end Grow Facilities and Dispensaries. Started in Colorado, we now work with our partners across the country building efficient and productive front and back-end spaces.

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Experience at Vulcan Squad

Cultivation Facility Design and Development - 10 years
Facility Inspection and Measurement - 8 years
Specialized HVAC for Cannabis - 12 years
Cannabis Irrigation Experience - 5 years
Fertigation for Cultivation and Display - 8 years