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Installing Tables & Racking, Irrigation & Fertigation, HVAC, and Control Systems

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We’ve spent years working with designers and manufacturers of some of the best cultivation and environmental tools and solutions to be able to confidently say we know what works and what doesn’t. The Vulcan Squad team has tested it all, but only the frontrunners become our trusted partners and brands we recommend to our clients outfitting cultivation facilities and dispensaries.

Our team installs all the necessary equipment to maintain ideal environmental conditions, and create the most productive environment for plants and employees alike. Whether you need full mobile racking systems installed or simply need to update the components of your HVAC system, Vulcan Squad can make installation fast and efficient.

Grow Tables & Vertical Racking System Installation

Cannabis cultivation companies are increasingly turning to adjustable tables and racking systems as alternatives to traditional stationary tables. As a partner of industry leaders such as Pipp Horticulture, Botanicare, Next G3N, and more, Vulcan Squad has experience assembling and installing a wide variety of grow systems.

No matter the size or scope of your facility, we can help to integrate your new racking system seamlessly, and complete installation quickly to get you back to growing. Whether you’re simply making your grow system more mobile or want to expand upwards several levels, let Vulcan Squad safely complete the installation.

Irrigation & Fertigation

Take back hours of your day by completely automating your irrigation and fertigation routine. Ensure plants receive precise amounts of water and nutrients at exactly the right moment and monitor the condition of your plants from virtually anywhere.

Vulcan Squad can add complete irrigation/fertigation to your facility, integrating the new system with your existing setup. We can also help to update and improve the irrigation system you already have, and suggest new innovative products that are making life easier for growers around the country. Some of the most advanced fertigation systems we install include premium mixing, measuring, and scheduling functions, plus data tracking to help you make decisions for future grows.

Dispensary & Cultivation Lighting

Vulcan Squad provides specialized lighting installation services for dispensaries and grow facilities. With our quick and efficient installation process, you won’t have to worry about any downtime, and you can start enjoying your new lights immediately.

Whether we’re installing showroom lights to set the mood and illuminate your dispensary or grow lights to amp up production and output, our team will work quickly and efficiently. Need recommendations for the best lighting systems for your design? Vulcan Squad can help with that, too.

HVAC & Airflow

Traditionally, HVAC and airflow systems aren’t designed to monitor and control humidity, leaving cannabis cultivators’ facilities too dry. Cannabis cultivation requires HVAC systems that regulate not only temperature, but also humidity. An integrated HVAC system allows you to control temperature and humidity from a single system, thereby improving your plants’ environmental conditions.

Cultivators can optimize ventilation and flow in their facilities by installing a custom airflow system in addition to an integrated HVAC system. In addition to installing high-end solutions from our high-end partners, Vulcan Squad assists our clients in elevating their productivity and success by recommending the right products for their needs.

Electrical & Low-Voltage Control Systems

Cultivators create the ideal environment for their growth operations by using advanced environmental systems such as vents and airflow systems, air conditioning, heating, and fertigation. Individually managing each of these systems can be time-consuming and costly, and it can result in inconsistent results.

By installing low-voltage centralized control systems, you can not only centralize all the environmental controls, but also reduce your electric consumption. As reliable as standard control systems, low-voltage control systems are energy-saving by design.

In addition, low-voltage control systems can control specific systems automatically by turning them on, off, or adjusting them. To ensure precision readings, monitoring, and management, the Vulcan Squad can help you choose and calibrate the right system for your facility.

Learn more about Vulcan Squad’s more than 10 years of experience and ask how we can help with your installations when you contact us! Ready to start the installation process right away? Create a job request and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.