Vulcan Squad specializes in the implementation of advanced solutions that enhance crop production while reducing costs. Our team of experts works closely with clients and top vendors in the industry to create the ideal environment for achieving maximum output.

Adjustable Tables & Vertical Racking

Cannabis cultivation companies are increasingly opting for adjustable tables and racking systems as alternatives to traditional fixed tables. As a trusted partner of industry frontrunners like Pipp Horticulture, Botanicare, Next G3N, and more, Vulcan Squad has a wealth of experience in assembling and installing various types of grow systems.

Regardless of the size or complexity of your facility, we are here to seamlessly integrate your new racking system and ensure swift installation, allowing you to resume your cultivation activities promptly. Whether you are looking to enhance the mobility of your grow system or expand vertically across multiple levels, Vulcan Squad is fully equipped to complete the installation with utmost safety and efficiency.


Irrigation & Fertigation

At Vulcan Squad, we specialize in providing comprehensive irrigation and fertigation solutions for your facility. Our team is skilled in seamlessly integrating these new systems with your existing setup. Additionally, we offer services to update and enhance your current irrigation system, as well as recommend innovative products that have revolutionized the cultivation process for growers across the nation. Our installations encompass state-of-the-art fertigation systems, equipped with premium features such as advanced mixing, precise measuring, and efficient scheduling functions.

Reclaim valuable hours of your day through the full automation of your irrigation and fertigation routine. By implementing our cutting-edge technology, you can ensure that your plants receive precise quantities of water and nutrients at the optimal moment, all while having the ability to monitor their condition from virtually anywhere.


HVAC & Airflow

Cultivators can optimize ventilation and flow in their facilities by installing a custom airflow system in addition to an integrated HVAC system. In addition to installing high-end solutions from top vendors, Vulcan Squad assists our clients in elevating their productivity and success by recommending the right products for their needs.

Traditionally, HVAC and airflow systems aren’t designed to monitor and control humidity, leaving cannabis cultivators’ facilities too dry. Cannabis cultivation requires HVAC systems that regulate not only temperature, but also humidity. An integrated HVAC system allows you to control temperature and humidity from a single system, thereby improving your plants’ environmental conditions.


Lighting & Control Systems

By implementing low-voltage centralized control systems, you have the opportunity to consolidate all of your environmental controls and simultaneously decrease your electricity usage. These low-voltage control systems are just as dependable as traditional control systems, but they are specifically designed to be energy-efficient.

Vulcan Squad offers expert lighting installation services tailored specifically for dispensaries and grow facilities. Our installation process is fast and efficient, ensuring minimal downtime for your operations. Once installed, you can immediately experience the benefits of your new lighting system without any delays.