Vulcan Squad & Agrowtek

Cultivation teams can spend hours monitoring, calibrating, and setting HVAC, lighting systems, air circulators, irrigation systems, and fertigation to achieve the perfect environmental balance, only to do it all again the next day. Tedious, time consuming, and potentially devastating when done improperly, physically attending to all of the environmental factors of a grow operation requires enormous effort, and almost constant oversight by trained, experienced growers.

Vulcan Squad is in the business of making growing easier, more efficient, and more productive with smart design, innovative tools and technology, and thoughtful integrations. Advanced environmental control systems designed by companies like Agrowtek make overseeing and maintaining your grow facility’s environment far more efficient by practically eliminating the time you spend manually calibrating equipment.

Environmental control systems allow you to monitor and control everything from HVAC and air circulation to watering and nutrient delivery all from one place. Designed to significantly reduce the need for manual monitoring, environmental control systems can even be set to automatically adjust temperature and humidity, schedule and deliver nutrients and water, and collect valuable analytics to improve future grows.

Introducing Agrowtek–Industry Leading Environmental Control Systems

Established in 2007, Agrowtek is an industry leading creator of some of the world’s most sophisticated environmental control systems and horticultural tools. Manufactured entirely in the United States, Agrowtek products are high-quality, long-lasting, and adaptable to a variety of growing conditions and practices.

Used by professionals in the world of cannabis and beyond, Agrowtek has become one of the most trusted names in environmental control.

Agrowtek Products & Solutions

Agrowtek offers two environmental control solutions, one for more basic operations, and one with full facility control capabilities for larger grows. Easy to tailor for your grow’s needs, Vulcan Squad has had great success integrating Agrowtek’s environmental control products with grow facilities of every size.

GrowControl™ GCX Cultivation Control System: Monitor and control entire facility including fertigation, irrigation, HVAC, light dimming, and more. A complete and comprehensive solution.

MCX Mini Climate Control System: Sensor to monitor and control temperature, humidity, CO2, and timed cycles (i.e. day/night cycle for lighting). Basic applications.