Vulcan Squad & Priva

To achieve the perfect environmental balance, cultivation teams can spend hours monitoring, calibrating, and setting HVAC, lighting, and air circulators. A grow operation’s environmental factors require constant attention, which is hard work, time-consuming, and potentially harmful if handled improperly.

Monitoring and controlling everything can be done from one place with environmental control systems. The new generation of environmental control systems allow users to schedule day/night cycles, automatically adjust temperature and humidity, and monitor CO2 levels, reducing the need for manual monitoring.


With smart design, innovative tools and technology, and thoughtful integrations, Vulcan Squad helps cannabis companies grow better, faster, and more efficiently than ever before. By eliminating the need to manually calibrate equipment, advanced environmental control systems offered by companies like Priva make monitoring and maintaining your grow facility’s environment far more efficient.

An Introduction to Priva

Priva has been a leader in cultivation technology innovation for more than 65 years. Priva’s solutions are designed not only to enhance industry standards, but to protect the integrity of the environment by promoting sustainability. A family-founded and owned company, Priva’s integrated control systems are meticulously engineered to increase yield, quality, and environmental stability.

Priva’s Leading Solutions

Integrate climate control systems from Priva can be fully customized and automated. Monitor and manage your greenhouse from anywhere using cloud-based services, and maximize efficiency with powerful analytics. 

  • Greenhouse sensors collect greenhouse environmental data to give you powerful insights for your grow.

In addition to Priva’s climate control solutions, it also offers Smart Building services to design and build greenhouses with personalized technology integrations.

Vulcan Squad works closely with Priva and other trusted partners to bring our clients the best technology solutions in the industry. Contact Vulcan Squad today to learn more about our services, or submit a job request to start working with us.