Vulcan Squad & TrolMaster

Vulcan Squad’s mission has always been to make growing easier, more efficient, and more productive for professionals in the cannabis industry. Cultivators dedicate hours of their day to carefully managing their greenhouse environment. The process can be strenuous, and detrimental to the health of your crops when done incorrectly.

Low-voltage integrated control systems are one of the key solutions Vulcan Squad recommends for both our indoor and outdoor clients. Control systems are used to control all aspects of your greenhouse environment from one place. Monitor, adjust, and collect data for lighting, HVAC and air circulation, watering and fertigation, and more.

The environmental control systems we use are built by our trusted partners like TrolMaster. Designed for long-lasting efficiency and made using the latest advancements in industry technology, these control systems make creating an optimal growing environment easier than ever before.

Introducing TrolMaster

TrolMaster is building next-generation environmental control systems that can be used to manage every aspect of your grow from anywhere with an internet connection. Made to be flexible, TrolMaster’s environmental control systems can be used in cultivations of any size, and can help uphold the precise standards you have for your facility.

TrolMaster’s systems combine monitoring, system control, data collection, and optimization technologies to deliver fast, actionable results. Offering all-in-one systems and area-specific controls, you can easily tailor TrolMaster’s products to fit your needs.

Control Your Facility with TrolMaster

TrolMaster offers a variety of control solutions for your indoor or outdoor greenhouse. Manage building controls, individual crop zones, and data collection from one convenient mobile platform.

Environmental Control Systems

TrolMaster’s Hydro-X environmental control systems include full-facility solutions and single-zone/room solutions. Combine these or use them separately for a custom solution.

  • HCS-1: Full-facility controls — Control grow lights, HVAC, air conditioners, dehumidifiers and humidifiers, and CO2 generators/regulators — Traditional touchpad — Control via TrolMaster App
  • HCS-2: Single room controls, multi-zone — Control temperature, light, humidity, and CO2 — Can be used in addition to HCS-1 and other Hydro-X models — Touchscreen — Web-based software

HCS-3: Full-facility controls, single-zone — Control temperature, light, humidity, and CO2 — Can be used in addition to HCS-1 and other Hydro-X models — Touchscreen — Web-based software — Includes warning and alert features

Irrigation Control Systems

TrolMaster’s Aqua-X irrigation control systems are some of the most advanced irrigation controls in the industry. The TrolMaster system is easy to install and expand, so your irrigation controls can grow with you.

  • NFS-1: Controls up to 30 separate irrigation zones — Monitors and controls pH, EC, temperature, and moisture levels — programmable irrigation cycles — Control via TrolMaster App

NFS-2: Monitors and controls pH, EC, PPM, temperature, and moisture levels — custom irrigation cycles — Unlimited number of “events” per day

CO2 & Air Controls

TrolMaster’s Carbon-X CO2 alarm system can monitor CO2 levels for up to 13 zones or rooms. The system allows users to set a range and will alert you automatically when levels reach the lowest set threshold or the highest set threshold.

For advanced control, the Carbon-X system can also control ventilation fans, CO2 valves, and more. In case of emergency, Carbon-X can alert the local fire department by triggering the fire alarm.

Discover how TrolMaster’s control systems could fit in your facility by contacting Vulcan Squad today!