Dosatron and Vulcan Squad

It takes a lot of work to tend to a large or mid-sized grow. Automatic watering systems and temperature monitoring reduce some of the stress, but you can’t beat the benefit of adding automated fertigation to your cultivation facility.

Fertigation involves using an automated delivery system to inject carefully measured fertilizer into hydroponic and automatic watering systems to distribute them evenly to all plants. A good fertigation system can drastically cut down on time spent delivering nutrients to crops, and increase accuracy to ensure you never give too much or too little to your plants.

At Vulcan Squad, we work with the best in the business, including high-end fertigation experts like Dosatron.

Dosatron Stands Out from the Rest

Water-powered, non-electric chemical injectors from Dosatron are the easiest, most reliable way to inject chemicals into water lines. By using volumetric proportioning, Dosatron injectors guarantee that the chemical mixture remains constant regardless of changes in pressure or flow.

Creating the right nutrient mix for hydroponic growing operations is a delicate science, no matter whether your plants are grown from seeds or cuttings (clones). With a Dosatron injector, you can achieve the results you want with repeatable results by creating fine-tuned, multi-chemical mixes. The Nutrient Delivery System consists of four main panels that can be arranged to handle a wide range of fertigation programs, eliminating the time-consuming process of ‘measure and pour’ and saving you both money and time!

With the quality design and engineering of Dosatron’s products and the experienced, careful installation from Vulcan Squad, your fertigation system is guaranteed to function beautifully for years to come.