Vulcan Squad and Netafim

Large or mid-sized grows require a lot of work. Automated watering systems and temperature monitoring reduce some of the stress, but adding automated fertigation to your cultivation facility will greatly enhance its effectiveness.

An automated delivery system injects precisely measured fertilizer into hydroponic and automatic watering systems to distribute it evenly to all plants. With an efficient fertigation system, your nutrient delivery will be quicker and more accurate so you can ensure you’re not over-or underfeeding your plants.

Vulcan Squad works with the best in the business, including high-end fertigation experts like Netafim.

About Netafim

Founded by farmers, Netafim is an industry-leading irrigation and fertigation expert with more than 50 years of experience. Developed in the Negev Desert, Netafim was first used to grow crops in desert soil, designed for extreme conditions. Today, Netafim’s watering and fertigation systems are some of the most efficient and long-lasting in the world, offering growers unprecedented control over their crops and hydration/nutrient delivery in more than 100 countries.

Benefits of Using Netafim Precision Fertigation Systems:

  • Reduce waste and costs
  • Deliver nutrients directly to root systems for maximized efficiency
  • Precisely fertilize thousands of plants in both indoor and outdoor cultivation environments
  • Create perfect growing conditions in any environment/climate

Ready to make life easier by integrating an automated fertigation system with your cultivation facility? Set up a consultation with Vulcan Squad today to discuss your options!

Learn more about NetaFlex 3G

Why NetaFlex 3G™?

  • Productive: Improves crop yield and quality by ensuring precise EC and pH control
  • Uniform: Open-tank mixing design delivers uniform nutrient quantity/ratio
  • Cost-efficient: Requires minimal investment
  • Cost effective: Reduceswater, fertilizer and energy consumption
  • Modular Features aCE-compliant dosing system that easily integrates with nearly every third-party control and monitoring system on the market
  • Hassle-free: Easy to install and virtually maintenance-free with no moving parts
  • Eco-friendly: Fosters reduced levels of soil contamination
  • Stable: Smooth and stable hydraulic operation