Vulcan Squad and RHYTHM

Running a mid or large-sized grow is an enormous task, requiring huge amounts of labor, energy, and resources. Cannabis crops require specific environmental conditions, and growers work hard to keep their facilities in perfect balance. Automated irrigation, temperature controls, and lighting can help reduce a huge amount of stress, but have you also considered adding automated fertigation to your grow system?

Fertigation systems carefully inject specific amounts of fertilizer and nutrients into your automated irrigation system, evenly distributing hydration and nutrition to all of your plants. Rather than spending hours measuring nutrients and administering them by hand, automated fertigation systems fully eliminate the need to measure (and any resulting human error), and deliver the nutrients in a fraction of the time.

Having installed countless irrigation and fertigation systems, Vulcan Squad now only works with the best. RHYTHM is an industry leader in creating Advanced Fertigation Systems that go beyond simple delivery to make life even easier.


Founded in 2014, RHYTHM is an engineer-led developer of industrial automated fertigation systems. Focused on creating innovative fertigation solutions for industrial and commercial cannabis growers, RHYTHM’s products are entirely made in the USA and carefully tested on real cannabis crops before being sold to customers.

Why Choose RHYTHM?

Most fertigation systems simply deliver nutrients, but RHYTHM’s advanced fertigation systems can prepare, mix, and deliver a variety of nutrient recipes to specific areas of your facility. RHYTHM’s fertigation systems can even prepare recipes in advance and deliver them to holding reservoirs or deliver them directly to the plants themselves.

Here are a few more quick facts about RHYTHM’s unique line of products:

  • What does RHYTHM CSS Sell? Custom fertigation and batch style skids, feeding software, analytics, tools, and environmental controls.
  • Does it only make mixes, or actually water the plants? Both! RHYTHM fertigation systems can mix, deliver via irrigation systems, and store fertilizer recipes.
  • Can this system handle my entire facility? Yes! No matter the size of your facility, RHYTHM can create a custom solution for you.
  • What kind of nutrients work with the system? RHYTHM fertigation systems can handle both liquid and powder nutrients, along with a variety of ingredients.