Vulcan Squad and NDS

The task of caring for agricultural and cultivation facilities is immense and requires the constant time and dedication of a highly trained team of professionals. One of the many factors monitored by cultivators is humidity/hydration, taking painstaking care to ensure their plants are provided the right amount of water and nutrients at the right time to optimize growth. While many growers have perfected their irrigation methods, new automated technology makes it easy to attain perfection without the time or labor.

Vulcan Squad works with industry professionals, installing state-of-the-art irrigation systems that run on reliable, safe, easy to use systems designed specifically for cultivation environments. NDS is one of our trusted partners and a top provider of advanced irrigation and flow management systems.

Why Choose NDS?

NDS has been an innovator in the world of water management solutions since 1972 when the company manufactured the first plastic catch basins. A long-time market leader, NDS provides solutions for a huge range of commercial and residential markets, including stormwater management systems, landscaping irrigation, and of course irrigation for commercial grow facilities. Known for manufacturing products that provide superior performance and long-lasting durability, NDS systems are also easy to install and compatible with most systems both domestically and internationally.

Irrigation Systems

Drip irrigation systems allow growers to provide careful and specific hydration to their plants. Highly controlled to prevent under or over-watering, NDS irrigation systems can be customized to suit the needs of your facility, no matter the size or scope.

Flow Management

A good irrigation system requires a lot more than the right hardware – the pressure, direction, and flow of your water need to be carefully regulated, too. NDS flow management products make it easy to outfit any facility with custom irrigation without needing to re-work your entire plumbing system.

Root Barriers

All growers encounter issues with roots at one point or another. Roots get entangled in racks and irrigation systems easily, and can even break through their containers or ruin walls, floors, etc. Root barriers provide a simple solution to over-zealous roots, keeping your crops safely in their containers and away from your irrigation system.