Vulcan Squad and Netafim for Irrigation

Large-scale agriculture is far more efficient than its alternatives but it has one glaring flaw: inefficient water usage. Luckily, this problem is easily addressed by installing a precision irrigation system.

As the name implies, a precision irrigation system will not only simplify the irrigation process but make it as efficient as possible. It reduces wastewater and ensures all the crops in the area are being watered sufficiently and equally.

With a precision irrigation system, you won’t need to watch your crops like a hawk. Your new system will take care of that for you while taking the necessary actions as problems pop up.

Vulcan Squad has a team of experienced industry professionals to install top-of-the-line irrigation systems. We work hard to ensure the water delivery is as efficient as possible and works with the irrigation experts from Netafim to do so.

Why Choose Netafim?

Founded by and for farmers, Netafim’s goal is to make the agriculture industry friendlier to both the farmers and the planet. The overwhelming majority of our water use comes from agriculture and its irrigation systems.

Between a constantly growing population and decreasing supply of water, they realized someone had to step in. They began working towards a better, less wasteful future for agriculture, using modern technologies to reduce water consumption without compromising crop yield.

So, how do Netafim’s precision irrigation systems work? They have developed their systems to solve the problem “at the roots.”

By irrigating the active root zone and not the plant as a whole, a lot of wastewater is preventable. Regulations are sure to tighten around water usage as time goes on.  While that may not be an issue right now, a high-efficiency irrigation system will be a necessity for farmers across the globe in the future.

Let’s not forget that water isn’t free and using less of it will also save you money. A massive amount of water waste is due to evaporation, so you’re paying to use water that never reaches your crop’s roots.

Netafim drip irrigation system only waters in precise, measured amounts, leaving less water to evaporate while keeping your crops healthy and your wallet full.

Why do Outdoor Farmers Prefer Netafim’s Drip Irrigation System?

  • Even distribution of water
  • Directly waters the roots
  • Uses less water for the same great results
  • Reduces, or even eliminates wastewater

Interested in a revolutionary new irrigation system? Feel free to contact us at Vulcan Squad today to set up a consultation!