Vulcan and Trolmaster

It takes a team of highly trained professionals constant time and dedication to maintain agriculture and cultivation facilities. Humidity/hydration is one of the many factors that cultivators monitor, taking painstaking measures to ensure their plants receive the right amount of water and nutrients at the right time for optimal growth. Despite the fact that many growers have perfected their irrigation methods, new automated technology allows them to achieve perfection without the time or labor.

In collaboration with industry professionals, Vulcan Squad installs the latest irrigation systems, based on safe, easy-to-use solutions that are specifically designed for cultivation environments. Our trusted partner, Trolmaster, is a leading provider of advanced irrigation and flow management systems.

Why Choose Trolmaster?

A leading agriculture technology company, Trolmaster offers next-generation irrigation control systems for horticulture and commercial cultivation needs. Trolmaster’s team of professionals are experienced horticulturalists and have spent years perfecting their smart irrigation systems. Trolmaster irrigation systems are flexible, easy to customize, and easy to scale to fit the size of any facility.

Featuring remote platform access for 24/7 monitoring, automated irrigation controls, data collection, optimization, and more, Trolmaster’s irrigation systems are some of the best and most comprehensive in the industry.

Trolmaster Control Systems

Trolmaster offers three unique control systems:

Hydro-X (Environmental Control System): Monitors and controls humidity, temperature, and light. You can choose from more than 12 different types of control “modules” to connect to HVAC systems, mini-split air conditioning, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, CO2, irrigation pumps and valves, fans, and more.

Aqua-X (Irrigation Control System): Control up to 30 different zones for the ultimate customization. Choose from 3 control models, and enjoy remote connectivity and all-day monitoring.

Carbon-X (CO2 Alarm System): Stay safe and protect your facility with a Carbon-X CO2 alarm system. CO2 levels are constantly monitored by sensors. In the event that unsafe CO2 levels are detected, the system shuts down CO2 flow, vents the area, activates visual and audible alarms, and sends signals to a fire alarm panel.