Vulcan Squad and FOHSE

The lighting needs of cannabis change throughout their growth cycle, and a simple lighting solution won’t quite do the trick. Even outdoors, sun exposure can be insufficient to produce optimal results, since annual temperatures, light intensity, and more can change from year to year. To produce the best cannabis, cultivators must rely on custom lighting systems designed to emit specific intensity for carefully calculated intervals to optimize the growing process.

Vulcan Squad works with cultivators of every size and ilk to design and install custom lighting solutions that maximize the grow potential of their crops. In our work, we’ve tried and tested virtually every horticultural lighting solution, and have hand-selected the few partners we trust to provide high-quality, reliable products every time. FOHSE is one of our most trusted lighting system providers and has the combined experience, track record, and expertise required to create the most innovative lighting options.

Introducing FOHSE

FOHSE, or the Future of Horticultural Science + Engineering, is a Las Vegas-based horticultural lighting manufacturer that began as a producer of high-quality home-grow bulbs. Since 2015, FOHSE has grown to serve commercial growers as well and has built a name on maximizing grows. With exceptional lighting, cannabis has the chance to thrive and can grow to its full potential. Users of FOHSE products see final dry yields that are 65% larger than before using FOHSE, and enjoy significant energy savings that help the environment and the budget.

FOHSE Lighting Solutions

When Vulcan Squad creates custom lighting solutions, we use as many products as we need to create the best layout for your particular needs. FOHSE offers seven unique light lines, so we can create virtually limitless custom solutions.

  • A3i: 1500W industrial LED, designed for single-level grow environments.
  • F1V: 420W, 600W, 800W, 1000W industrial LED, designed for vertical grow environments.
  • Aries: Home-grow LED fixture.
  • Pleiades: 320W greenhouse LED, includes Smart Control.
  • Scorpio: 1000W industrial LED, designed for single and multi-level grow environments.
  • MyDLC: DLC reports to help you monitor efficiency.


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