Vulcan Squad and Gavita

Growing high-quality, high-potency, maximum-yield cannabis requires careful environmental conditions, including appropriate lighting to help plants grow. Without the sun to give plants this light, commercial cultivators utilize specialized commercial lighting solutions. Designed to provide plants with the specific type, intensity, and duration of light required for healthy growth, grow lights can be calibrated to your specific requirements, and carefully controlled to prevent over or under-exposure.

Vulcan Squad has helped to design and install custom lighting systems for countless cannabis cultivators, assessing the needs of the facility to create an optimized solution. Working with high-quality products and partner companies leading the cannabis industry to provide our customers with the highest quality products available. Among our trusted partners is Gavita, a company specializing in large-scale horticultural lighting. In addition to traditional HID lighting systems, Gavita also offers high-efficiency LED lighting, reflectors, system controls, and more.

Introducing Gavita

Operating for over a decade, Gavita has served cultivation companies on five continents, providing premium lighting solutions for facilities needing up to 100,000 fixtures. The largest horticultural lighting company in the world, Gavita is one of the most trusted and respected providers of high-end lighting fixtures and accessories.

Constantly innovating and revising designs to create the most effective and efficient lighting products, Gavita has stayed ahead of the curve, making them the forerunner in the world of horticultural lighting.

Gavita Product Lines

Gavita carries a wide range of fixtures and accessories. By combining various products and with the careful design help of Vulcan Squad, Gavita can outfit any cultivation facility.

  • Gavita PRO Line Classic: Gavita’s original line of fixtures. Three-phase systems compatible with residential voltage; the workhorse of the horticultural lighting world.
  • Gavita PRO Line e-Series: Top-of-the-line fixtures from Gavita’s Classic PRO line featuring easy-to-use external controls and a three-phase, residential voltage compatible system.
  • Gavita PRO Line LED: High-powered, high-efficiency LED grow lights featuring Gavita’s proprietary designs.
  • Gavita PRO Line CMH: High-efficiency ceramic metal halide fixtures available in various intensities for flowering and vegetative stages.
  • Gavita Light Emitting Plasma: Fixtures featuring supplemental UVA and UVB.
  • Gavita Master Controllers: Connect to and control lights using a single master controller; set individual light cycles, automate sunrise/sunset, and more.
  • Gavita Reflectors & Replacements: Direct as much light as possible to plants and make the most of your Gavita fixtures.
  • Gavita Lamps: Replacement lamps for standard and 400V ballasts.

With Gavita’s high-end products at the ready, you need a trusted partner to install them for maximum efficiency. Contact Vulcan Squad today to learn more about your options, or create a job request to start working with our team now!

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