Vulcan Squad and Luxx Lighting

Indoors and without the power of the sun to help plants grow and photosynthesize, growers rely on high-powered, carefully calibrated lights to produce healthy plants. Cannabis requires light not only for physical growth, but to produce optimal terpene and cannabinoid composition. Without the right lighting, cannabis plants won’t reach their full potential, and won’t test as well in terms of chemical composition as compared to plants grown in good lighting.

Vulcan Squad has helped countless commercial cannabis growers to outfit their indoor grow facilities with integrated lighting systems that offer growers the ideal environmental conditions to produce high-quality plants. We install only the best lighting systems and work only with top manufacturers like Luxx Lighting to give our customers the most efficient and effective experience.

Introducing Luxx Lighting

A company founded and run by cultivators with experience in the cannabis industry, Luxx Lighting designs lighting technology for the unique needs of growers and cultivators. The Luxx motto is “if you don’t do it, you don’t know it,” and you’ll notice the difference when you choose Luxx lights. Carefully calibrated and refined to optimize growing conditions, Luxx Lighting products can also be installed in custom configurations to meet the specific needs of any grow facility.

Luxx Product Lines

Luxx Lighting offers five unique product lines plus a series of accessories designed to work with their proprietary designs. Depending on your facility’s needs, a custom solution can be created using items from each of these categories:

  • Luxx DE 1000: Compact, slim, and discrete, the Luxx DE 1000 line is available in 4 voltage varieties all designed for low-profile, high-power lighting.
  • Luxx 645 LED Pro: High-efficiency and high coverage, the Luxx 645 LED Pro line combines white and red light in its 6-bar design.
  • Luxx Clone LED: Single-strip high-efficiency replacement for conventional 75 fluorescent bulbs.
  • Luxx 860w LED Pro XR: Large area coverage (5-6 ft.) with a variety of angles to maximize light absorption.
  • Luxx 200w Bar: Use alone or stacked to customize any grow environment efficiently.

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