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Cannabis growing outdoors under the sun can produce quality terpenes and cannabinoid concentration, but they likely won’t be as good as they could be with a little help from an experienced grower. Indoors, cannabis growers can’t rely at all on the sun and need to supplement all of the light their crops receive with carefully calibrated lighting systems. No matter how you grow, you need quality lighting to help produce the best possible final product possible.

Vulcan Squad works with cultivators to design and install comprehensive grow systems including important tools like lighting. In our work, we partner with the best of the best to give our customers outstanding, long-lasting, cost-effective results. RapidGrow LED is one of our trusted partners and a provider of high-end lighting solutions designed by and for cultivators.

Introducing RapidGrow LED

A company with more than two decades of experience working with cultivators around the country, RapidGrow LED designs and builds all products in-house, offering solutions for both indoor and outdoor cultivators. Known for high-efficiency and environmentally conscious solutions, RapidGrow’s customers see incredible energy savings of $200-$400 per fixture every year and find themselves doing less maintenance on their lighting systems and requiring fewer replacements.

RapidGrow LED offers limitless custom solutions and can outfit any grow operation from a simple hobby home-grow to a multi-hundred thousand square foot commercial facility.

RapidGrow Products

RapidGrow LED offers a wide range of lighting products for indoor and outdoor growing needs, and Vulcan Squad can help install them all!

Indoor Lighting

  • STERRA: Lightweight and stackable for vertical grow applications, the STERRA line features Samsung Horticulture LEDs, a broad light spectrum, and 4×4 feet of coverage.
  • STRAZE: Lightweight and stackable for vertical grow applications, the STRAZE line features Samsung Horticulture LEDs, a broad light spectrum, and a foldable design.
  • SOLARM: SOLARM is a high-output lighting solution that features Samsung Horticulture LEDs, a 5-foot wingspan, and a stackable design for vertical grow applications.
  • SOLARK: Lightweight and stackable for vertical grow applications, the SOLARK line features high intensity with low wattage and a UV-enhanced spectrum of light.

Outdoor Lighting

  • SUNOME: SUNOME is designed to replace HPS lighting in greenhouses without needing to reconfigure or redesign your layout or system and features Samsung Horticulture LEDs with a greenhouse spectrum of light.
  • SKYRAY: A simple greenhouse solution designed to cover large areas and create minimal shadows, the SKYRAY line features greenhouse spectrum LEDs.

Control Systems

  • Wireless Controller Sensors: Monitor and control your fixtures individually or in groups from any device. Configure intensity, automatic scheduling, and more from anywhere you have an internet connection.

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