Vulcan Squad and Scynce

We are excited to present Scynce LED, an innovative leader in the field of horticultural lighting committed to enhancing the growth of cannabis plants. At Vulcan Squad, we recognize the significance of maximizing crop production while reducing expenses, which is why we have design and install with Scynce LED to offer advanced lighting solutions.

Precise Lighting

Vulcan Squad, in partnership with Scynce LED, goes beyond the ordinary. We create meticulous lighting designs customized to suit your specific cannabis cultivation needs. These strategies are designed to optimize productivity by delivering the ideal light spectrum at each stage of the growth cycle. The outcome? Improved plant vitality, accelerated growth, and higher crop yield.

Energy Efficiency

cynce LED lighting systems are built with energy efficiency in mind. By utilizing cutting-edge technology and innovative design, these lights consume less energy compared to traditional lighting methods. This not only reduces your operational costs but also minimizes environmental impact, contributing to a more sustainable cultivation practice.

With Scynce’s high-end products at the ready, you need a trusted partner to install them for maximum efficiency. Contact Vulcan Squad today to learn more about your options!

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