Vulcan Squad Works with the Industry’s Top Vendors, Optimizing Your Commercial Cultivation Space

Adjustable tables and racking are becoming the norm as many cannabis cultivation companies are now seeking alternatives to the traditional stationary table. Vulcan Squad partners with the top table and racking providers in the industry including Pipp Horticulture, Botanicare, Next G3N, and more.

What Is An Adjustable Table?

In the cultivation industry, an adjustable table offers a controlled growing environment for cannabis plants through adaptability, mobility, and efficiency. Adjustable tables have existed for decades, but more folks are now recognizing the benefits they serve in an indoor growing environment.

Adjustable tables are the pricier option for cannabis cultivation, but the numerous benefits outweigh the overall cost in the long run.

Benefits of Using Adjustable Tables

Adjustable tables, otherwise known as mobile grow tables, offer the following benefits:

Controlled Growing Environment

Adjustable tables give cannabis plants an optimal growing environment indoors. If you’re concerned about maximizing your yield and allowing your cannabis plants to endure a natural growth cycle indoors, consider using an adjustable table to improve the conditions.

Adjustable tables offer better control over the cultivation process by:

  • Being adaptable and temperature controlled
  • Maintaining the grow space with built-in drainage options
  • Increasing product quality

Efficient Growing Space

By utilizing a premium adjustable table, or vertical growing rack, you can maximize your production quantity by approximately 90 percent! Growing cannabis plants in a vertical fashion allow them to increase in size exponentially during peak harvest season, and now you won’t have to worry about wasting precious space in your facility. Additionally, vertical cultivation racks provide a safe growing environment for cannabis plants by giving them more room to grow efficiently indoors.

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