Industry Leading Tables from Botanicare with Professional Installation from Vulcan Squad

Over the many years we have spent installing grow tables for our commercial clients, adjustable slide-racking systems have proven to be an invaluable asset to Vulcan Squad cultivation clients. The ability to change bench positioning helps growers with indoor facilities to maximize usable grow space, and give their plants a carefully balanced environment from seedling to harvest.

Thanks to Botanicare, we can provide our clients with flexible, robust, high-efficiency sliding bench systems that vastly expand cultivation capabilities, even in small, limited spaces.

Why Choose Botanicare Grow Tables?

Learn about all of the features of Botanicare’s Track Tables

Botanicare is an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of premium mobile grow tables, including their Slide Bench systems. Able to give cultivators up to 30% more space to grow without making any changes to the size of their facility, Botanicare slide benches are easily one of the most versatile grow tables available to date.

Made from heavy-duty materials and designed specifically for the unique needs of cultivators, here are just a few of the many features that set Botanicare’s grow benches apart:

  • Adjustable ergonomic height options
  • Easy aisle management with a minimum 17 in. width
  • Built in adjustable slope for drainage
  • Built in trellis supports
  • Easy length extensions in 5ft increments

Want to see how mobile grow tables could help expand your cultivation operation? Contact Vulcan Squad today to set up a consultation, and find out first-hand from the experts whether a sliding rack system might be right for you!

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