Vulcan Squad and Grow Glide

Vertical grow systems have become the preferred method of cultivation for today’s cannabis growers, but simply going vertical isn’t always enough. Vertical racking gives you extra room to grow (often upwards of 30% more usable space), but they can be hard to maneuver. Sliding and mobile grow racks make it possible for cultivators to more carefully tend to their plants, and create the most optimized environment for their growth.

A long-time proponent of vertical grow systems, Vulcan Squad has installed countless racking systems for cultivation clients of every size. Thanks to years of experience, we’ve had the chance to work and partner with industry leaders, including companies like Grow Glide.

Why Choose Grow Glide?

Grow Glide’s vertical growing solutions are carefully and thoughtfully designed, considering both the needs of the plant and the needs of the cultivator. To enhance growing conditions, Grow Glide racks are designed to maximize airflow for every level, so you won’t need to worry about one level of plants getting better environmental conditions than others.

Grow Glide has also integrated innovative ladder systems into its racking design, allowing cultivators to get easy access to their plants without worrying about tipping or finding an improvised method of getting onto the multiple tiers.

Grow Glide offers three unique products in their line of cannabis-specific grow accessories: 

  • Modular Grow Tables: Easily combine tiers and rows to fit your unique cultivation facility without worrying about complicated integrations. Grow Glide tables are designed for easy use with most lighting, irrigation, and HVAC systems, and can easily be rearranged thanks to galvanized in-track wheels.
  • Air Glide: Add state-of-the-art airflow controls to your vertical racks using customizable modular components. Air Glide is efficient, dynamic, and easy to install on virtually any vertical system.
  • Grow Deck: Safely elevate your grow operation with Grow Deck! Featuring heavy-duty deck tiers and reliable ladders to make accessing higher tiers easy and safe, Grow Deck systems are the ultimate way to go vertical.

Contact Vulcan Squad now to find out if Grow Glide products might be right for your cultivation facility.