Vulcan Squad & Innovative Growers Equipment

In an indoor cannabis cultivation facility, every inch of space counts. Wasted space means lost financial potential, wasted resources, and reduced productivity. By installing vertical grow racks and table systems, growers can maximize usable grow space by up to 30%, enabling you to increase the number of plants you can grow, and increase the efficiency of your HVAC, humidity, fertigation, and lighting systems.

Vulcan Squad works with cultivators of every size to enhance their operations, increasing their crop yields and reducing the effort required to tend to plants by installing adjustable racking systems designed to work within the confines of your space. In partnership with acclaimed designers and manufacturers of quality grow racks and tables like Innovative Growers Equipment, we help growers like you become their most profitable, productive selves.

Introducing Innovative Growers Equipment

IGE was founded in 2016 as a high-end grow equipment provider working with cultivators around the country. IGE’s catalog is vast, and its in-house designers are responsible for some of the best and most trusted innovations in the industry. Working to empower growers to work smarter, not harder, IGE today is one of the leading providers of rolling benches, vertical racking systems, and other tools for easier cultivation.

IGE Grow Solutions

IGE’s catalog is too vast to cover here, but for cultivators seeking quality benches and racking systems, Vulcan Squad recommends these solutions.

Ebb & Flow Rolling Benches

IGE’s rolling benches are uniquely designed to promote even water distribution and drainage. Made from durable galvanized steel with UV-resistant polystyrene bench tops, these types of benches have been a trusted option for more than 90 years.

Plant Support Trellises

Without support, potted cannabis plants can easily topple over once they reach their maximum height. To prevent losing plant material to an accidental fall, IGE offers easy-to-install trellis systems that can be customized to fit the exact specifications of your tables or benches.

Vertical Grow Racks

Add up to four additional levels to your grow operation using IGE mobile vertical grow racks. Easily maximize your yield without losing space for your team.

Catwalks for Plant Maintenance

One of IGE’s latest innovations, vertical racking catwalk systems make it safe and easy for growers to tend to multiple levels of plants.