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Vulcan Squad & MMI Agriculture Solutions

Vertical and adjustable racks and benches are increasingly used by cannabis cultivation companies in place of stationary tables. The flexibility, mobility, and efficiency of adjustable tables allow cannabis plants to grow in a controlled environment. Vertical solutions also vastly increase the available grow space in your facility. Additionally, vertical solutions provide cultivators with more convenient access to plants, which allows them to provide them with individualized care.

With the help of Vulcan Squad, countless cultivation facilities have been equipped with mobile benches and racking systems. As part of Vulcan Squad’s proactive design strategy, we also work with industry-leading partners like MMI. MMI Agriculture Solutions designs and manufactures high-end vertical racking and mobile carriage systems, and their products have been known to maximize yields by up to 200%.

Who is MMI?

Located in Ellenville, NY, MMI Agriculture produces high-density vertical grow racks for vertical farming applications. MMI designs and manufactures shelving systems for mobile, high-density grow racks. Compared to a stationary grow solution, MMI mobile grow racks guarantee up to 200% more yields per harvest with multi-tiered growth layers.

MMI’s Products

MMI’s range of products can be used independently, or in combination to elevate the efficiency of your grow.

Mobile Carriages

MMI mobile carriages increase canopy space and maximize yields by reducing wasted space. An MMI mobile carriage can extend up to 56 feet and sits on flange wheels capable of supporting up to 1,400 pounds per linear square foot.

Vertical Grow Racks

MMI vertical grow racks are available in standard sizes up to 21 feet high, with dual-level access. Upon request, MMI can build racks beyond 21′. For added strength, MMI bulk racking is made of 14-gauge steel with an 8-bend design. For added rigidity, MMI step beams are also made from 14-gauge steel.

Retractable Elevated Decking

Elevated retractable decking from MMI provides easier access to upper-level plants. MMI retractable elevated decking eliminates the need to climb ladders to tend to plants located at higher elevations.

Table Top Caster Units

Table top caster units from MMI are fitted with caster wheels, which makes it easier to move from one room to another. The table top units from MMI are available in sizes of 8′ x 4′, 6′ x 4′, and 4′ x 4′ and offer multiple growth levels, depending on the unit’s height.

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