Vulcan Squad and MMI

Cannabis growers today increasingly use vertical grow systems as their preferred method of cultivation, but simply going vertical isn’t always sufficient. Vertical racks provide more space for growing (up to 30% more usable space), but it can be difficult to maneuver them. With sliding and mobile grow racks, cultivators can more carefully care for their plants, and create the best growing conditions possible.

As a long-time advocate of vertical grow systems, Vulcan Squad has installed countless racking systems for cultivation clients of every size over the years. Our years of experience have allowed us to partner with companies like MMI, whose expertise we can apply to your project.

Who Is MMI?

MMI Agriculture specializes in designing, manufacturing, and installing high-density vertical grow rack shelving systems for vertical farming. By utilizing every inch of available grow space, both horizontally and vertically, MMI Agriculture ensures each and every grow operation maximizes its growing potential. MMI’s indoor grow clients have seen incredible results, with yields doubling in size while saving money and energy.

A company that believes in and stands behind its products, MMI offers 10-year warranties so you can rest assured that you are investing in quality.

MMI’s Custom Solutions

Among MMI’s offerings are some of our most trusted vertical racking systems and tools, including:

  • Vertical Grow Racks: Expand your growing area horizontally and vertically with uprights up to 21 feet tall, or more upon request. Made from high-quality materials using dependable design.
  • Mobile Carriages: Utilize MMI mobile carriages to eliminate wasted space. MMI’s high-density mobile capability enables you to maximize yields by increasing canopy space. Horticultural operations are more functional and effective when they are mobile, eliminating lost space.
  • Retractable Elevated Decking: Get fast, easy access to upper rows of plants using retractable elevated decking from MMI. There when you need it, easy to remove when you don’t.

Start maximizing yields while saving money by contacting Vulcan Squad today.