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Vulcan Squad & Montel: Vertical Mobile Bench Systems

It is becoming increasingly common for cannabis cultivation companies to use vertical and adjustable benches and racks instead of stationary tables. The flexibility, mobility, and efficiency of adjustable tables offer a controlled growing environment for cannabis plants. Vertical solutions also make plants more accessible to cultivators, enabling more individualized care.

Vulcan Squad has helped to design and outfit countless cultivation facilities to integrate mobile bench and racking systems. Beyond proactive design, Vulcan Squad’s secret is to work with industry-leading partners like Montel.

Who Is Montel?

Montel has been a world leader in storage solutions to save space and transform efficiency for businesses in a wide range of industries. Now, Montel’s clients also include cannabis professionals and have created a sophisticated line of vertical and mobile racking systems.

Designed and manufactured in the United States, Montel’s products are of the utmost quality and designed for long-lasting performance and durability.

Benefits of Using Montel Solutions in Cultivation

Vulcan Squad partners only with the best, and you need only glance at the benefits of using Montel solutions to understand why Montel is one of our trusted collaborators.

  • In addition to holding plants, installations can hold water reservoirs, fuse boxes, fans, hoses, and other equipment.
  • Multiple tiers can be supported by robust systems, allowing you to expand later as your market grows. Take advantage of space vertically by building in phases.
  • Increase energy efficiency by heating, cooling, and lighting every square foot.
  • When compared to traditional rolling benches, mobile benches can increase production by up to 37%.

Contact Vulcan Squad today to learn more about our vertical racking solutions for cultivation, or to ask questions about Montel. Ready to get started on a project? Create a job request.

Montel Storage and Shelving Systems

Why Choose Montel Storage Systems

By implementing Mobile Storage Systems, businesses can experience significant cost savings, as these systems allow for increased capacity in a limited space. This efficient storage solution not only maximizes the potential of your existing square footage but also reduces the need for additional off-site storage facilities or costly expansions. Furthermore, the improved organization and accessibility offered by Mobile Storage Systems can streamline inventory management processes, leading to further cost savings and enhanced productivity. Invest in this innovative form of storage today to unlock the full potential of your workspace and reap the rewards of increased capacity and cost savings for your business.

Why Use Montel Shelving Systems for Retail

Adapted to your specific retail needs, Montel shelving systems not only provide versatility in terms of design and layout but also excel in offering efficient storage solutions that save space in your home or office. The innovative high-density shelves allow for maximum utilization of available storage area while still maintaining easy access to items, ensuring a clutter-free and organized environment. By investing in these advanced storage systems, you can significantly reduce the footprint of your storage requirements, ultimately leading to cost savings and improved productivity. Incorporating shelves that cater to a variety of item sizes and types, Montel’s storage solutions present a highly customizable option to address unique organizational challenges and streamline day-to-day operations.

Contact Vulcan Squad today to learn more about our vertical racking solutions for retail and warehouse, or to ask questions about Montel. Ready to get started on a project? Create a job request.