Vulcan Squad and Next G3N

Vulcan Squad is on a mission to help cannabis cultivators become more efficient and more profitable by maximizing space to increase crop yield and adding flexibility to the workspace. In our mission, we’re committed to working with the best and only the best, which is why we’ve teamed up with companies like Next G3N.

Next G3N Greenhouse was founded by a third-generation greenhouse manufacturer and his grandfather after working for years to develop purpose-built products for high-end cannabis cultivators.

About Next G3N

Following generations of experience developing and manufacturing greenhouses, Next G3N was born. Next G3N designs thoughtful cultivation systems like rolling benches with integrated features to maximize yield and efficiency. Unlike other rolling bench systems which focus solely on the framework of the racks, Next G3N’s benches include built-in slots for trellis poles, irrigation drip trays, and more.

In addition to rolling bench systems, NextG3N also designs and manufactures custom rolling beds that give cultivators increased access for planting and tending to seedling plants. Designed to move effortlessly despite carrying thousands of pounds of soil, mobile planting beds are set to be the next big thing in efficient cultivation facility design.

Want to find out how you could be maximizing space by adding mobile grow systems to your facility? Contact Vulcan Squad today to set up a consultation with our team.