PIPP Horticulture & Vulcan Squad

Sliding bench systems are an integral tool for cultivators that want to maximize their space and easily manage their plants from seedling to harvest. Vulcan Squad has years of experience installing these innovative systems and is proud to partner with the best designers and producers of sliding benches in the industry.

All About PIPP Horticulture

PIPP Horticulture is an industry leader in vertical grow racks and mobile cultivation systems like sliding benches, grow trays, and more. Vertical grow racks help even the smallest cultivators drastically increase their yield and productivity. Adding upwards of 30% more usable grow space to a cultivation facility, vertical grow racks from PIPP Horticulture can be up to 56 feet long and 18 feet high and can be stacked two, three, or even four at a time, space permitting.

PIPP sliding rack systems move on a simple carriage system using a crank, which makes it easy to move hundreds of plants at once without risking damage, falls, or complications.

What really sets PIPP Horticulture apart is its vast range of products. PIPP makes it possible for cultivators of any size to create custom mobile racking systems using their proprietary suite of products, all designed to work in harmony. Vulcan Squad has experience installing all of PIPP Horticulture’s products including:

In addition to high-end cultivation systems, PIPP Horticulture also carries vertical drying/curing racks, so you can take advantage of vertical space even after your crops are harvested.

Find out whether PIPP Horticulture products could be right for your cultivation facility by contacting Vulcan Squad today to set up a consultation!