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Upgrade Your Cultivation Lighting with Minimal Expense and Enable Long-Term Cost Savings

Vulcan Squad assists you in navigating the current Federal, State, and Energy Utility Rebate Regulations and Programs, which are actively offering initiatives to cultivators upgrading to LED. We partner with leading lighting vendors in the industry, offering comprehensive plans and installations that optimize the benefits of available rebates.

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Why Do a Lighting Rebate?

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Immediate Cost Offset

Federal and State regulations, along with Energy Utilities, are actively providing programs that offer advantages to cultivators using HID lighting. The majority of the expenses associated with upgrading can be counterbalanced through a range of rebates.


Long Term Cost Savings

LED lighting systems are known for their energy efficiency, producing more light per watt compared to traditional lighting sources such as high-pressure sodium (HPS) or metal halide lamps. This increased efficiencey allows cultivators to reduce overall energy costs.


Environmental Sustainability

Many regions, both at the national and state levels, have implemented environmental regulations to curb energy consumption, including cannabis cultivation. Participating in LED rebate programs demonstrates a commitment to energy efficiency and compliance with these regulations.


Enhanced Crop Quality &Yield

LED lighting technology allows for precise control over the light spectrum, intensity, and duration, enabling cultivators to tailor lighting conditions to the specific needs of cannabis plants during different growth stages. This customization can lead to improved crop quality and higher yields.

How it Works

Consult Before You Buy

To maximize your rebates and make the process as smooth as possible, consult with Vulcan Squad and determine the best plan of action for your specific needs.

Choose LED Manufacturer

We work with the leading LED manufacturers, and can walk you through the best solution for your cultivation needs.

Lighting Plan and Installation

Our team of installation professionals will work with you on your lighting plan and all other room updates, including the addition of dehumidifiers necessary when making the move fromo HID to LED

Realize Your Savings

Our team ensures that all the necessary forms and contracts are completed and make sure that you receive all available rebates.

Vulcan Squad LED Rebate Projects

Colorado HID to LED Rebate Upgrade

Saved Over $230,000! We helped a Colorado client maximize their LED lighting upgrade and secure a massive $232,875.54 rebate, reducing their initial investment of $253,391.88 by an incredible 92%! Want to replicate these savings for your facility? Learn how we can navigate the LED rebate process for you.

Michigan HID to LED Rebate Upgrade

Small Grow, Big Savings! We recently worked with a grow in Michigan with an indoor HID grow, already using moving tables, perfect for an LED upgrade. Working with their team, we were able to collaborate with a lighting partner that allowed them to upgrade all lighting with a 96% savings! Brand new LED lights with a value of $136,000 and a rebate of $130,560

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