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Matterport Digital Scan and Modeling with Grow Glide Installation

Curaleaf, Chambersburg, PA

We recently completed this Grow Glide vertical benching installation at Curaleaf in Chambersburg, PA adding vertical cultivation to their new facility. This installation was made possible through the accuracy of Matterports 3D scanning service, which provided exact measurements of the entire facility. This scanning process ensured that every square inch of space was precisely accounted for, enabling the most effective configuration of the Grow Glide racking system.

Vertical cultivation, an innovative method of growing plants upwards rather than across a horizontal space, has been significantly enhanced by this implementation. By utilizing this technique, the cultivation facility can grow more plants in the same footprint, therefore increasing potential yield. The use of exact measurements has been instrumental to this process, as it ensures that each plant has enough space to grow without competing with its neighbors.

This strategic use of technology not only optimizes the physical space within the cultivation facility but also improves the overall growing conditions for the plants. With better access to light and air circulation, plants grown using vertical cultivation methods can thrive, leading to healthier crops and higher yields. The implementation of these technologies at Curaleaf will increase output, maximize space and increase yields.

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