Why Focus On Air Flow

No two cultivation facilities are quite alike, meaning that no one-size-fits-all solutions truly work on a broad scale. Everything from the smallest hardware choices to the innermost workings of the facility must be tailored to the needs of your space. Airflow systems must be carefully customized to optimize circulation without wasting space or energy. Ultimately your airflow system layout will depend on the size, shape, scope, and layout of your facility.

At Vulcan, we provide full design and installation services of high-end products from our trusted partners. Our airflow systems are chosen for efficiency, durability, and reliability to ensure our customers are fully satisfied with the systems we install.

What Does a Cultivation Airflow System Do?

In order for a cultivation facility to operate at its best, its air circulation system must be tuned carefully. Cannabis plants thrive when air circulates around them, preventing mold and pest growth while ensuring the plants receive adequate oxygen. Outdoors, the wind does the work of maintaining airflow, but indoors, a fan or air circulation tool is necessary to keep indoor plants happy and healthy.

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Benefits of Installing Airflow Systems & Fans

You need more than just an HVAC system to maintain ideal conditions in your grow facilities, especially if you run a large commercial company. Here are just some of the reasons you’ll be glad you installed an airflow system:

Encourage Photosynthesis

Cannabis plants require CO2 to photosynthesize by converting it for energy. Air circulation systems help to distribute CO2 throughout your facility, enabling the plants to more efficiently absorb it. Air circulators also help to prevent a buildup of CO2 from occurring, which can be harmful to the plants if left unaddressed.

Deter Pests & Mold

Consistent air circulation helps to prevent pests and mold from taking up residence on your plants. Without a chance to settle in still air, small airborne pests and contaminants simply blow over and away from your crops.

Promote Comfortable Temperatures

While your HVAC system does much of the work keeping your facility’s temperatures in a comfortable range for the plants, you may find that your employees don’t enjoy the heat quite as much. Air flow systems and tools can be used to help cool workstations and heavy traffic areas, and keep working conditions safe and comfortable for the humans tending to your plants.

For particularly hot seasons, high-powered fans can also act as support for struggling HVAC systems, and help to keep plants from wilting or becoming dehydrated.

Increased Cooling Efficiency

It can be hard to get consistent airflow throughout large spaces, and one end of the facility always seems to get the short end of the stick. With our customizable air flow systems, we can install smart solutions like fabric duct systems to efficiently transport cool air from one end of your facility to another. Use to send single-source air to multiple grow areas, and keep the whole facility cool from top to bottom.

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