Vulcan  and CANN

Cultivators take immense pains to carefully balance the environmental conditions of their facilities, relying on HVAC systems, lighting and heating elements, and air circulators to simulate optimal conditions. In the stagnant air of a commercial grow facility, pests, mold, and excess moisture collect and descend on plants, inhibiting their growth or destroying your crop altogether. During the curing process, proper air circulation and treatment is especially important, since improperly dried cannabis loses its value or becomes unusable.

For these reasons, investing in air circulation tools is key for cultivation productivity, and it’s important to know that even a high-powered HVAC system likely won’t provide enough movement.

Vulcan works with cultivators of every size to design and install integrated tools like air circulation systems. Based on the unique needs of your facility, our team can design solutions that ensure every inch of your facility is accounted for, and make suggestions for the best products and tools for your needs. Proud to provide our customers with long-lasting, efficient, and effective solutions that enhance their operations, Vulcan works with industry renowned partners like CANN who design tools specifically for the needs of cannabis growers.

Introducing CANN

CANN is a globally trusted developer of drying systems used by high-end cannabis growers for their curing needs. A company comitted to making the drying process faster, more efficient, and more reliable, CANN’s solutions have been carefully designed and made in the USA and feature unique innovations proprietary to CANN’s systems. Offering complete drying and curing systems, CANN is quickly becoming one of the world’s most trusted providers of quality curing systems.

Why Drying & Curing is Important

Drying rooms have specific air circulation and treatment requirements, and CANN can help to outfit yours to optimize efficiency and produce high-quality results.

The process of drying and curing preserves the cannabis, making it resistant to mold and contaminants, and sealing in the important chemical and compositional properties that give cannabis its value. Aroma, flavor, cannabinoids, terpenes, and key compounds are also enhanced during this process, since the excess moisture is being removed.

Improperly cured cannabis does not have the same potency, flavor, or quality, and won’t yield the same profit or positive press. With integrated drying systems like those offered by CANN, you can control the specific conditions of your drying rooms to control your final product and its quality.