Vulcan and Schaefer

A cultivation facility’s ideal conditions require careful tuning of equipment like HVAC systems, lighting, and air circulators. Cannabis plants thrive when wind circulates air around them, deterring mold growth and pests while keeping them well oxygenated. A fan or air circulation tool is necessary to keep indoor plants happy and healthy.

Hundreds of high-end cultivation facilities have been built and designed by Vulcan Squad, equipped with cutting-edge ventilation equipment and technology for enhanced operations and lower labor costs. We work only with trusted and expert engineers and designers to provide the best solutions for our clients. Schaefer Ventilation is one of our top partners, manufacturing world-renown ventilation systems for horticultural, industrial, and commercial needs.

Intro to Schaefer

Schaefer’s ventilation and air circulation products are thoughtfully designed for growers using more than 70 years of experience to optimize every inch of your custom solution. Schaefer’s products are all assembled in the United States, and guaranteed under a 2-year limited warranty. Schaefer products are meant to last, and to perform at a high level for the entirety of their usable lifespan.

While many industrial ventilation systems are designed for manufacturing, Schaefer’s products go above and beyond with special considerations for horticulture and grow operations. Schaefer understands how important proper ventilation is for healthy plants, and can help to outfit commercial grows of every size.

Horticulture Solutions

Greenhouses and commercial grow operations require carefully installed ventilation systems to produce healthy, bountiful crops. Ventilation systems help to control environmental conditions, and help to support important factors like photosynthesis. An efficient circulation system also helps to exhaust built up gasses and return fresh oxygen to the growing environment.

Schaefer products include a variety of heavy-duty exhaust fans, evaporative cooling systems and spot coolers, environmental controls and thermostats, in-line duct fans, blowers, infrared heaters, and more. Designed for long-lasting productivity, Schaefer products can withstand regular cleanings, and won’t rust, corrode, or malfunction due to moisture exposure, making them safe for use in high-humidity environments.

If you’re interested in adding Schaefer ventilation and circulation products to your commercial grow operation, contact Vulcan Squad today! We install all of Schaefer’s products and can help to walk you through the basics of designing your facility.