HVAC Solutions

Grow facilities rely on a number of tools to create perfect growing environments for their plants. This involves special lighting, careful temperature control, and various sensors all working together. In particular, the proper HVAC system design and implementation are critical for a grow facility. Equipment must be sized, selected, installed, and maintained correctly for the safety of all employees and plants.

In order to correctly design and install an HVAC system, you must have a contractor working on your team that understands all of these variables and has the experience to make the right call in the construction process. We use the whole spectrum of equipment to create systems based on the grower’s specific needs.

We use Air Handling Unit (AHU) equipment that would typically be used in a cleanroom environment and state-of-the-art Roof Top Units (RTU) that can handle a large amount of heat and humidity.

We offer premium design and construction services to our clients who are looking to open their own businesses. Our award-winning architects combine artistry, experience, and creativity to create architectural projects of all sizes and scales. Vulcan can help whether you need help designing and building a new facility or simply need help improving your facility’s flow.

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