Vertical Growing: Increase Your Yield In Less Space

Cultivation indoors is an expensive endeavor, between real estate costs, energy and utility bills, special equipment, labor costs, and so on. The benefit of growing indoors, of course, is the ability to control the growing environment, reducing the risk of crop loss due to drought, pests, or poor sun exposure. To make the most of these ideal conditions, many growers are turning to vertical grow room designs to maximize space and increase yield capacity.

What Is Vertical Growing?

In most traditional grow rooms, crop yield is dependent on floor space. Vertical growing allows growers to maximize space, sometimes increasing their yield by as much as 3x. Vertical grow room design utilizes racking systems and wall-mounted systems, which allow all plants to receive adequate lighting and excellent airflow.

Why Switch to Vertical?

Wondering why you might switch to a vertical growing system? If you grow indoors, vertical growing could help you significantly increase your growing capabilities, making it possible to increase yield without spending more on real estate. Here are just a few of the reasons you should consider switching to vertical:

Maximize Space

If you are only using the floor space of your grow-room(s), you are wasting valuable square footage! Vertical grow systems allow you to double and even triple your usable space. By maximizing the space you already have, you can avoid spending more on real estate and have all of your plants accessible and in one place.

Save Energy

Vertical growing enables growers to save energy by increasing the number of plants that receive light from a single source. LEDs have become the standard for most growers, and thanks to the high efficiency of LED bulbs, energy savings are higher than ever before. Add the ability to stack plants and maximize usable space within a single grow room, and you’ve got a recipe for major energy savings, increased energy efficiency, and a lower energy bill.

Increase Yield & Profits

In general, growers that switch to vertical systems reduce the cost of their finished product by between 50-75%, thanks to a decrease in energy consumption, reduced real estate costs and increased crop yields without increasing water or fertilizer usage. In general, vertical grow systems increase crop yields by 100-300%, depending on the size of your original operation. Since your indoor, vertically grown cultivation will be high-quality thanks to your careful environmental care and conditioning, the finished products can be sold at premium prices for a comfortable profit.


Vertical growing is one of the most versatile and adaptable indoor growing methods and can be used to transform even super-small spaces into super-productive projects. Growers looking to switch can choose between several different systems.

Most premium grow racks also feature lightweight LEDs, which help to keep the vertical growing system portable while delivering bright, nourishing light for healthy plant growth.